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farscape_awards's Journal

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Farscape Awards

Inspired by lotrawards and alias_awards

Farscape Awards is a community that rewards icon makers LiveJournal. Farscape Awards runs on a weekly schedule and allows members to nominate other people's icons as well as create one of their own from the cap provided. Farscape icons are posted to farscapeicons and snurchcons.

1. Please put ALL nominations in the one post (including your entry into the cap category). You may go back and edit the entry if you decide to change your nominations or add a nomination.
2. You can nominate 11 icons all up (including the cap icon). You can use these 10 nominations however you wish.
3. If you are not entering a cap icon you can nominate 9 icons.
4. All nominations need to be posted before 3PM pacific every Friday.
5. All icons nominated must fit the LiveJournal size requirements.
6. All icons MUST have something to do with Farscape.
7. For every icon of your own that you nominate you must nominate two icons of someone elses. This does not include the cap entry.
8. Please ask the creator of the icon if you can nominate their work.
9. Please don't post nominations behind a cut-tag.

1. Votes are done in poll form. You can only vote ONCE, this includes if you have more than one journal.
2. Vote in ALL categories.
3. Voting for your own icon is not allowed.

-Cap Entries:
1. You may only enter ONE icon into this competition.
2. All entries MUST be in at the same time as the nominations 3PM pacific time every Friday.

Nominations: Monday 3PM - Friday 3PM.
Voting: Friday 3PM - Monday 5PM.
Winners Announced: Monday 5PM.
Pacific Standard Time.

1. Animated.
For the best animated icon.
2. Non-Animated.
For the best non-animated icon.
3. Mini-Movie.
For the best mini-movie icon.
4. Lyrical/Words.
For icons with lyrics or random words on it (not from the books/movie scripts).
5. Quote.
For icons with a quote show.
6. Funny.
For all funny icons.
7. Sad/Emotional.
For those icons full on angst.
8. 'Shipper.
For icons of a certain 'ship. What's a ship? A relationship. A pairing. It can be canon or otherwise.
9. Wordless.
For icons with no words on them.
10. Cap.
For icons that YOU have made out of the current weeks cap.

farscapeicons,farscape_chorus, snurchcons and fallingpoodles, farscape_ps farscapecontest
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